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Laser Dental Fillings / Laser Assisted Dental Fillings

Got a cavity? Don’t like needles? Ask Dr Pathak if Laser fillings are right for you!
Why consider Laser Dental Fillings?
  • No or greatly reduced need for anesthesia (needles)
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Selective caries removal (opposed to a dental drill which can require more removal of healthy tooth structure)
  • Dental laser is more attracted to decay than to healthy tooth structure
  • No microfracturing of enamel
  • Increased bond strength of filling materials
  • Smear layer removal and disinfection of preparation
  • Concurrent gum treatments possible if decay extends to or below gum level
  • No Drill sound or vibrations
  • Laser pulp caps may prevent the need for root canals in deep cavities
When are lasers not recommended for fillings?
  • When a metal (amalgam) restoration is to be removed
  • Very large cavities may require anesthesia and be time consuming to complete using a laser alone

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