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Cone Beam Computed Tomography

We deliver the finest care for our patients.

Envision Dental Care provides personalized dental care to families. We pride ourselves in utilizing the most modern equipment and methods available.

In order to provide nothing but the best to our patients, our office uses state-of-the-art technologies in all our procedures. These new technologies allow us to detect dental concerns at early stages, treat your dental issues with precision, and provide stunning and customized restorations. Our premium dental software system maximizes your time and our office efficiency. When you visit our office you can be confident that you are receiving the finest and most advanced in dental care.

Allows us to capture both 2D panoramic images and reconstruct 3-D images of a patients mouth and neighboring structures.
Using this crucial technology, we can study the entire oral and maxillofacial regions for:

  • Implant placement (tooth replacement)
  • Visualization of abnormal teeth
  • Evaluation of the jaws and face
  • Visualize outcomes before starting work
  • Mapping out critical structures prior to needed surgeries
  • Diagnosing infections in the jaws
  • Evaluation of sinuses
  • Creating surgical guide templates to facilitate computer planned implant placement
  • Dental CBCT radiation is much lower than medical CT and is usually less than a full set of radiographs.

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